Guide Overview

Are you looking to develop a new business idea, work as a freelancer, launch a product or service or work for yourself?

The NEW IDEA2LAUNCH Pre-startup Guide is an action packed and hands-on program to enable you to turn your business idea, side hustle, hobby or skills into a viable business venture without wasting too much of your time and money and within the shortest time possible!

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The IDEA2LAUNCH Pre-startup guide will take you through the process of starting your own business. What makes this guide different from other startup programs or guides is that it is an action-based and hands-on program that enables you to assess your business idea, hobby or side hustle without wasting much of your time and money!

What you’ll learn from this guide

1. Assessing your entrepreneurial potential

Are you ready to start your own business? This involves ‘Assessing your entrepreneurial potential’ by answering a few questions that will help you determine your own entrepreneurial attributes.

2. Exploring your idea

Narrowing down your idea and knowing what to focus on including idea generation and using the problem and solution approach.

3. Assessing your idea

Determine whether your idea is worth pursuing further or turning into a viable business by assessing its feasibility.

4. Validating your idea

Testing your idea and concept in the real world. This includes methods of testing your idea such as proof of concept, prototyping and much more.

5. Developing your business model

Using action-based and hands-on activities and tasks to develop your business idea and model.

6. Naming and branding your business

The importance of naming and branding your new business and how that helps you stand out from your competitors.

7. Registering your business

Legalising and structuring your business including choosing your business structure, opening a business bank account and bookkeeping and accounting.

8. Funding your business

Exploring various funding options for your new business including revenue, bootstrapping, debt finance and more.

9. Presentation deck (One-page business plan) creation

Includes information on how to prepare your presentation deck or ‘one-page business plan’ that can be used to build a team, partners, source funding and investment.

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The IDEA2LAUNCH Pre-startup guide serves as your pre-startup companion. It’s for anyone looking to develop a new business idea, work as freelancer, launch a product or service or work for themselves. It consists of everything you need to startup your own business! Starting a business is a bit like embarking on an exciting and yet challenging journey hence you need a guide to help you along the way. And just like you need to take your own personal essential items with you, this guide serves as your own personal guide. It helps you to explore and record your entrepreneurial journey.

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