Untapped FR is seeking individuals, businesses and organisations who are interested in running this program with us by introducing it to their community and organisation or through sponsorship particularly for under-presented aspiring female entrepreneurs within their community or the wider network.

We seeking partners that can help us to empower aspiring female entrepreneurs by providing them with entrepreneurial skills needed for them to start, manage and grow their own business ventures. The purpose of this program is to support female entrepreneurship by helping them determine whether their business idea is worth turning into a viable business venture.

Our unique flagship program provides both entrepreneurial skills and essential business support to ambitious aspiring female entrepreneurs. With your help and support Untapped FR will be able to support even more women who aspire to be or already are entrepreneurs.

If you are interested in empowering aspiring female entrepreneurs or fostering innovation and entrepreneurship among women across the UK, then we would like to hear from you. Together, we hope to bring in this program that empowers aspiring female entrepreneurs by providing them with entrepreneurial skills as well as ongoing essential business support while you bring in your expertise and community.

For further details on our IDEA2LAUNCH Pre-startup Program partnership opportunity please email us on [email protected] with subject like ‘Partnership Opportunity’ and we will get back to you.